Our Focus

Our focus areas for Urban slum & Rural Development

Our Urban slum & Rural Development Program aims to improve the livelihood options and works towards social and economic empowerment of the rural and urban poor and women. The organization intervenes with the community through the following themes or programmes: institution and capacity building, social development, and livelihood, Education, Health and Family welfare, Sustainable livelihood, Social causes.

Issues of Interest

Promoting the aims and purpose of the AHYS and its system among the various societies of the different area in Delhi & NCR, Organization is actively working for the social development of Rural and Urban communities, working in Education, Health, Child, Women development program and Human Rights.

  • Women Empowerment
  • Dalit equality
  • Children deprived of education
  • Street children
  • Child labour
  • Drought and chronic hunger
  • Child rights
  • Education
  • Urban poverty (SHG’s)